Design and build your dream landscape

Our company offers a wide range of professional outdoor services ranging from landscape design, hardscapes, drainage solutions, paver restoration, outdoor lighting, and irrigation. Many landscape companies can design only a basic landscape; however we aim to set you apart. Our attention to detail is our trademark.

Landscape Design

We offer a variety of customized landscape concepts based on your specific needs. Whether working with existing settings that require a partial or total renovation, or starting with an empty lot for your home, we can create a unique landscape which suits your personality and surroundings.

We will work closely with you, learning about your preferences in design and color, developing a concept that matches your lifestyle, and working within your budget and timeframes.


We specialize in designing and installing paver patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, decks and outdoor kitchens.

At the beginning of every hardscape project, it is our job to understand the function of every space. This will dictate the size and shape of each area. It is this train of thought that separate ourselves from others based on experience and continued education of industry standards.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage issues are very common in and around the Tallahassee area. Without proper drainage, your home and landscapes can suffer greatly. Sometimes you do not see the effects of improper drainage for years. Failure to correctly fix a drainage problems can cost you more later.

We can provide you with effective drainage solutions based on the needs of your property and your own preferences. Our goal when designing your drainage solution is for it to blend into your landscape, becoming apart of it rather than an eyesore.

Paver Restoration

We offer specialized paver cleaning, repair and sealing services to help protect your investment. We take pride in repairing your pavers above your expectations by making your pavered areas look like new.

All of our employees are trained by certified representatives from the companies that provide us with the chemicals and materials that we use.

Outdoor Lighting

We provide and install high quality, low voltage landscape lighting for your home, yard and outdoor living space that will enhance and beautify your home. Incorporating outdoor lighting in your landscapes adds curb appeal, function and safety. We develop a lighting plan that suits your needs and we use top quality products.

We use environmentally-friendly LED technology that offers beautiful light coupled with energy savings and longevity.


We install all irrigation systems with the specific needs of your landscape in mind. Turf areas require not only a different amount of water than your shrubs or trees, but also at a different frequency. We set up your system in zones so that similar areas are watered together, along with installing the proper method for application (drip, rotor or spray) making the most efficient use of your water.

All systems come complete with Control Panels that allow you to set the time, frequency and duration of each zone on an as needed basis.