• Q Can I do my landscaping in phases?

    We have many clients who add to their landscape every year. Part of what we do is discuss your long term goals so you can plan your immediate need as well as for future.

  • Q What is the difference between a landscape and a hardscape?

    As opposed to the plantings, hardscaping includes all the non-planting design elements of a landscape including paved walkways, retaining walls, patios, fire pits/fireplaces, and rocks.

  • Q Can pavers be installed over existing concrete?

    Yes, depending on the condition of the concrete. Both thin and thick pavers can be installed on top of concrete.

  • Q What is the white haze on my pavers?

    Efflorescence is a white haze that may appear on the surface of pavers sometime after installation. If efflorescence does occur, it can be removed with cleaners specially made for pavers.

  • Q Do you recommend sealing pavers?

    Yes. However, pavers should be cleaned prior to applying sealers. Sealers prevent stains from soaking into the surface which makes cleaning easier.

  • Q How long does the sealer last?

    This depends on many factors, but normally sealers last 2 to 5 years. The environment and the amount of traffic affects the life of sealers.

  • Q I want to get my pavers sealed, but I don’t like the “wet look.”

    There are many types of sealers to choose from. You can choose from a natural look sealer to a high gloss and many choices in between.