Every now and then, in business, you get that one call that baffles you.  As you could imagine, any customer that after being out of town for over a week, would come home and see the damage that was done to their newly installed paver patio would be devastated.  Especially, when every contractor who thinks they know the answer is telling them that everything is ruined.


Paver RestorationIn my industry, it is very important to hire a professional who has the proper knowledge and training to tackle the task like installing pavers, walls, removing rust and oil stains, etc…  What typically happens in our industry due to the lack of knowledge is every roofer, tile guy, framer, plumber throws their two cents into the hat and ends up confusing everything.  In this case, its exactly what happened!  I received a call from a previous client that we had done work for about two months earlier and they were in a panic trying to describe to me what just had happened to their new patio.  The only thing I was hearing was “the tile guy told me there was no way that those stains were coming up and it’s all ruined.”  My first thought was to calm down the client while at the same time manage their expectations on just what we might be able to do.

Upon arrival, our technician Rob figured out how the stain got there and what was causing it.  Believe it or not folks, the acorns sitting on the tin roof over a period of time leaving oils  were washed down after a hard rain.  Well, I guess you know the outcome once you’ve seen the after picture.  What do tile guys know?!  Hire a professional paver expert……Hire NESMITH LANDSCAPES.

Paver Restoration